All our investment ideas are generated in-house and followed up through a rigorous research process as we seek good quality companies to invest in.

The members of our investment teams are all analysts with a broad range of educational and industry experience. All are responsible for the research we do as part of our assessment of potential and ongoing investments.

Our approach to research combines extensive fundamental analysis, using qualitative information and quantitative data from multiple sources and perspectives, with regular company visits and other types of engagement.

Sometimes, in order to improve our understanding of a specific topic, we commission and pay for research from external providers whom we respect and value. Over time we believe that research tenders like this will contribute to and enhance our investment decision-making.

Research tenders

Our investment process is augmented through the use of external research. We find third party commissioned research helpful to challenge our thinking and extend our understanding of the subject matter our projects cover.

A vital part of our investment process is trying to understand better in which areas the companies, industries and sectors we invest will face headwinds or challenges.

We often find our key questions on these matters, crucial to our evaluation of investment opportunities and risks, are not adequately addressed by ‘off the peg’ research so we choose to commission and pay for one-off, standalone articles of research.

This has allowed us to select and establish relationships with a wide range of partners with different experiences, perspectives and insights.

If you’d like to find out more on our research tender process, please contact the team at [email protected].

Research tenders commissioned since 2016

The list below highlights all the research tenders we’ve commissioned since 2016.