The importance of culture

Management consultant Peter Drucker once famously said, when it comes to business, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

While a strong culture can sustain a business, a toxic culture can break it. As sustainable investors, it’s always important to understand how the culture of companies we invest in can impact how they treat their employees and customers and, ultimately, influence the wider world.

Nick Edgerton and Hanna Ranstrand of the Sustainable Funds Group speak to Dave Foss, CEO of Jack Henry & Associates, a provider of core banking software, cyber security and IT outsourcing, with a strong sense of culture.

The company is run on the principles of do the right thing, do whatever it takes, and have fun.

They discuss the importance of culture, how to react when a company’s culture is threatened, and whether location matters in setting the cultural tone.

You can watch our full discussion with David B. Foss below or choose selected highlights around key topics:


When you have a strongly defined culture, is it ever beneficial to have a ‘misfit’ – or can it damage company culture?

Duration: 00:02:19

Big egos aren’t going to fly

How does operating with humility contrast with the big egos in a business?


Duration: 00:02:47

Protecting a company’s culture from threats

What are the biggest threats to a resilient company culture, and how do you get it back on track when culture is threatened?

Duration: 00:05:10

Full video