Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing

We are a small team of passionate investors managing, on behalf of our clients, investments with a focus on high-quality companies that are well positioned to contribute to, and benefit from, sustainable development.

Sustainable investing can mean different things to different people. At Stewart Investors, we believe that companies that deliver benefits to society and the environment face fewer risks and have access to better opportunities over the long term. This means that these companies are better placed to grow the value of your investment.

But we recognise that sustainability opportunities alone will not make a successful investment. The quality of the franchise, financials and management of a company is also critical. We don't choose between how sustainable a business is or the quality of financials, both are equally important.

We do this not only because we think it’s the best way to protect and grow our clients’ money over the long term, but also because we want to promote positive and sustainable outcomes for society in general.

To us, these two things ago hand in hand.

Our Hippocratic Oath

Every member of our investment team is sworn to a strict code of conduct when they join.

How we pick companies

We are active investors. We’re all analysts and each of us is charged with identifying good-quality companies to invest in for the long term.


Engagement is an important part of the day job for all of our analysts as it contributes essential insights to our bottom-up assessment of company quality.


Good stewards are more than good managers. They’re more than good leaders. They’re custodians who understand and carry out their responsibilities with integrity and respect for the people who rely on them and on whom they rely, and for the society around them.