Our policies and statements

Our policies and statements

We have a number of policies that we regularly update. These policies cover a wide range of topics that we feel strongly about.

Climate change statement

We launched our first sustainable investment fund in 2005. At that time we were convinced all companies would need to adjust to operating in an increasingly carbon-constrained world, and more companies would need to develop solutions to make economies less carbon intensive. Our conviction has never waned, nor has the urgency of the carbon-reduction challenge.

Proxy Voting Policy and Guidelines

We believe judgement is a better guide to voting than a rules-based approach. Our voting policy is based on a parsimonious set of principles and key considerations that in our judgement are likely to be applicable to all companies in the vast majority of circumstances.

Diversity statement

Diversity is an integral part of sustainable development and is important to us as investors, employers and as members of society.

Statement on racism and racial diversity

We recognise the existence of inequality and institutional racism across the world – we share the horror felt by so many as we have witnessed events that highlight the inequality, prejudice and sheer injustice faced by members of the black community the world over.

Company Policies

Links relating to our investment and business practices.