Our strategies

Our strategies

Since the launch of Stewart Investors first investment strategy in 1988, sustainable investment has always been an integral part of our investment philosophy and stock-picking process. At the heart of this philosophy is the principle of stewardship.

Asia Pacific Sustainability

This strategy was launched in December 2005. The strategy generally invests in 30-60 companies in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand but excluding Japan.

Global Emerging Markets Sustainability

The strategy launched in February 2009 and generally invests in between 30-75 high-quality global emerging markets companies that are contributing to a more sustainable future.

Indian Subcontinent Sustainability

Launched in 2006, the strategy typically invests in 30-60 companies based in or having significant operations in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

Worldwide Leaders Sustainability

The strategy launched in November 2013 and became a dedicated sustainability strategy in October 2016. It typically invests in 30-60 global companies with a stock market value of at least US$5 billion.