Investment objective and policy

The Fund aims to grow your investment. Pursuant to the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (EU 2019/2088), this Fund also has sustainable investment as its objective under Article 9. The Fund invests at least 70% of its assets in shares of companies in Europe (including the UK). The Fund may invest up to 100% of its assets in developed and Emerging Markets, in any industry, or companies of any size. The Fund invests in shares of high-quality companies which are positioned to contribute to, and benefit from, sustainable development. Investment decisions use a thematic sustainability approach and an assessment aiming to identify high quality companies based on three key points: (i) Quality of management. (ii) Quality of the company including its social usefulness, their environmental impacts and efficiency and responsible business practices. (iii) Quality of the company's finances and their financial performance. Sustainability is a key part of the approach. The Fund may use derivatives to reduce risk or to manage the Fund more efficiently.

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Stewart Investors European Sustainability Fund

Overview of Stewart Investors European Sustainability Fund performance

Fund name Fund type Currency Price Daily change Price date Factsheet
Stewart Investors European Sustainability Class E (Acc) Irish UCITs USD 9.13 -1.57 19 Jul 2024

Fund information (as at 30/06/2024)

Fund launch date 10 June 2021
Share class launch date 10 June 2021
Fund size (US$m) 2.0
Benchmark MSCI AC Europe Net Index
Number of holdings 43
Fund managers Lorna Logan/Rob Harley
Minimum investment US$100000
Initial charge 0%
Ongoing charges^^ 0.4%
Sedol BNC0547
Research rating** Morningstar®:Silver

Top 10 holdings (as at 30/06/2024)

Stock name %
Judges Scientific Ord GBP0.05 4.8
Roche Holding Ltd 4.2
Halma plc 4.0
Nexans SA 3.5
DiaSorin SpA 3.5
Atlas Copco AB Ser'A'NPV 3.4
Spectris plc 3.0
discoverIE Group 2.9
Indutrade AB NPV 2.9


Annualised performance as at 30 Jun 2024

Annual performance (% in USD) Share type 12 mths to 30 Jun 2024 12 mths to 30 Jun 2023 12 mths to 30 Jun 2022 12 mths to 30 Jun 2021 12 mths to 30 Jun 2020
Stewart Investors European Sustainability Fund Class E (Acc) 1.2 17.4 -27.6 - -
Benchmark * - 12.0 22.0 -19.8 - -

Annualised performance as at 30 Jun 2024

Benchmark *
Share type
Class E (Acc)
12 mths to 30 Jun 2024
12 mths to 30 Jun 2023
12 mths to 30 Jun 2022
12 mths to 30 Jun 2021
12 mths to 30 Jun 2020

Cumulative performance as at 30 Jun 2024

Cumulative performance (% in USD) Share type Launch date 3mths 6mths 1yr 3yrs 5yrs 10yrs Since launch
Stewart Investors European Sustainability Fund Class E (Acc) 10 Jun 2021 -4.6 -6.7 1.2 -14.0 - - -12.6
Benchmark * - - 0.7 6.0 12.0 9.7 - - 6.6

Cumulative performance as at 30 Jun 2024

Benchmark *
Share type
Class E (Acc)
Launch date
10 Jun 2021
Since launch

* MSCI AC Europe Net Index

These figures refer to the past. Past performance including simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. For investors based in countries with currencies other than that of the above, the return may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. The past performance shown here includes fees, any reinvested income and tax.

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Sector breakdown as at 30 Jun 2024

Country breakdown as at 30 Jun 2024

Fund level reporting to 30 June 2024

The SFDR Level 2 reporting template for each of our Article 9 funds is available in a standalone document and also within the latest First Sentier Investors Global Umbrella Fund plc Annual Report. The social and environmental outcomes for the Funds are below:

  • As at 30 June 2024, the Fund held 42 companies.
  • All companies (100%) were contributing to at least one human development pillar and, in total, were making 104 contributions to the pillars.
  • 33 companies (79%) were contributing to climate change solutions. These companies were contributing to 43 different solutions and, in total, were making 108 contributions to the solutions.

The social and environmental outcomes for the Fund are provided in the charts.

Full information on our ESG/Sustainability Fund reporting is available here.

Risk Factors

The value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. Investors may get back significantly less than the original amount invested.

Material risks not adequately captured by the SRRI:

Currency risk: The Fund invests in assets which are denominated in other currencies; changes in exchange rates will affect the value of the Fund and could create losses. Currency control decisions made by governments could affect the value of the Fund's investments and could cause the Fund to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares.

Single country / specific region risk: investing in a single country or specific region may be riskier than investing in a number of different countries or regions. Investing in a larger number of countries or regions helps spread risk.

For further information on risks, please refer to the Risk Factors section in the Company prospectus.

Investment should be made on the basis of the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any of our funds for your investment needs, please seek independent financial advice.

European Sustainability Strategy

The strategy invests in 30-45 companies that we consider to be the very best sustainability companies in Europe (including the UK). 

Portfolio Explorer

Explore the companies held within our European Sustainability Strategy.


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Important information

All performance data for the Stewart Investors European Sustainability Fund Class E (Accumulation) USD as at specified date. Source for fund - Lipper IM / Stewart Investors.

Performance data is calculated on a net basis by deducting fees incurred at fund level (e.g. the management fee and other fund expenses), save that it does not take account of initial charges or switching fees (if any). Income reinvested is included on a net of tax basis. Source for benchmark - MSCI, income reinvested net of tax. Since inception performance figures have been calculated from 10 June 2021.

^ An initial charge of up to 5% may be levied in certain circumstances, including on regular savings plans and may be remitted as commission to an intermediary.

^^ The ongoing charge figure (OCF) is calculated on the same basis as for the Key Investor Information Document and represents the charges you will pay over a year for as long as you hold your investment and may vary from year to year. The OCF is made up of the annual management charge and additional expenses, but excludes portfolio transaction costs. For further information about charges and costs please visit