European Sustainability Strategy

A portfolio of high quality, pan-European listed companies contributing to a more sustainable world

We invest in companies that we consider to be the very best sustainability companies in Europe. These businesses have strong and competitive franchises, exceptional people and distinctive cultures, and resilient financials. Individually and collectively they are solving difficult problems, meeting critical needs, and helping bring about a more sustainable future.

By focusing on the highest quality and best sustainability companies in Europe, we believe we can offer an exciting portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

Why invest in European companies?

  • Europe is home to some of the highest quality companies in the world – companies whose long-term growth potential is directly linked to their ability to make the world more sustainable.
  • Europe has a high concentration of leading companies in sectors such as healthcare, industrials, clean energy and information technology, with long-term growth drivers, large addressable markets, international reach and recognition, broad exposure to both developed and emerging markets around the world, and diversified revenues.
  • Europe also has a large, varied and liquid universe of equities: five of the 30-plus stock exchanges have a market capitalisation approaching or exceeding EUR 1 trillion (source: London Stock Exchange and Federation of European Securities Exchanges). Share buybacks and financial engineering are less prevalent in Europe than in some other parts of the world, and the region continues to have a strong dividend culture.
  • Social norms, economic incentives and regulations in many European countries provide an enabling environment for companies that aspire to lead on sustainability issues and bring sustainable technologies to local and international markets.


Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR)

All EEA-domiciled strategies managed by the Sustainable Funds Group are  classified as Article 9 under SFDR. In order to fulfil this classification all strategies must have a clear sustainability objective, incorporating both environmental and social aims, and also meet various sustainability-related disclosures and reporting requirements.

Read more on our approach to SFDR

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