FAQ: Portfolio characteristics

How differentiated are your portfolios from  the index? 

Our approach is benchmark agnostic, portfolios have a high active share and the top ten holdings are very different to that of the reference benchmark. 

More information on each strategy is available here.

How would you characterise the style of your portfolios?

Our bottom-up and benchmark agnostic approach means that our portfolios do not fit neatly into style buckets but the individual companies we select are high-quality and tend to have strong earnings growth. Valuation is important to us but we are prepared to pay up for quality and growth.

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How have your strategies performed? 

More information on each strategy is available here.

In what markets do your strategies perform  best / worst?

Our strategies tend to outperform in down-markets and underperform in up-markets as a result of our bias to quality companies. Our process proves itself over a longer-term horizon, encompassing a full market cycle.

What are the fees for each strategy?

Fees and ongoing charge figures (OCF) for our funds are available here.

What reporting is provided to clients?

Clients receive regular reporting on investments, performance, engagement and proxy voting. Quarterly reports are available on this website and full information on each strategy on the First Sentier site, including factsheets, is also available. Investment rationales, including climate change solutions, human development pillars and relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are available on our interactive map

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